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investment deals

have been closed by the efforts of our team

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Legal issues at different stages of startup development

Each stage of project life will inevitably pose new questions to you. We will help you understand the legal challenges and solve them effectively
Startup stage
Growth stage
Expansion stage
Exit stage
You are at the very beginning of the journey. Continue with the product, and we will help you with the NDA between the project members and the relationship with the first investors.

As a rule, at this early stage, it is the founders themselves, as well as relatives, friends and acquaintances, who invest in the project.
Many people think that friendly relationships are a reason not to formalise contracts, but this is not the case. Pay attention to formalising the funding provided, discuss the terms and conditions of repayment and think about what happens if the startup doesn't take off, while we help you formalise relationships properly.
The Pre-seed stage is usually considered an initial stage for investment - business angels and pre-seed funds most often finance a start-up. They are willing to invest small amounts (up to $100,000) to cover the costs of prototype development and intellectual property protection.
In addition to transactions with early investors, at this stage the first legal issues that may have a serious impact on the future of the startup - the correct registration of rights to the IP and its subsequent registration (if applicable).

We will be happy to help you with this!
You start to grow, and with growth arise new legal issues. The seed stage is a more attractive stage for an investor - as usually, the project has already passed the MVP stage and is completing prototype development.

At this stage, unlike earlier stages, investors fund startups on the basis of facts - competition, purity of IP rights, unit economics and potential profitability, tax regime, and more. It is not yet a full-fledged due diligence but more of a check-up, but it is better to be prepared for it. We offer the following modules to successfully pass the check-up and close the deal with the investor:
  • Investor relations
  • Dealing with counterparties
  • Legalization of IP rights
  • Formalization of relationships between funders
The project is growing rapidly and it's time to think about setting up a company and formalising existing relationships. To help you, we offer the following modules:
  • Company registration in Russia and foreign jurisdictions
  • Corporate relations
  • Labor relations
  • Investor relations
  • Product commercialization
  • IP rights with employees
  • IP rights with contractors
  • Personal data
  • Trade Secret
As we wrote earlier, attracting investment into a startup is possible at any stage, but it is during the active growth stages of the startup that they play a strategically important role.

We are ready to provide support for the deal with any potential investors in the project - business angels and venture capital funds - and help with drafting all the necessary documents, including:

  • An agreement on the main terms of the deal (term sheet);
  • corporate agreement;
  • options;
  • or another set of documents, depending on how the investor enters the project.
Expansion stage is when demand for the product is proven, there is a steady stream of customers and regular growth in sales. The goals set in the early stages are achieved, and new, more global goals emerge - entering new markets and achieving self-sufficiency, for which new rounds of investment are made.

We invite you to keep moving forward and use our modules:

  • Company registration in foreign jurisdictions
  • Investor relations
  • Dealing with counterparties
The startup's rapid growth slows down - it is steadily making a profit and gaining market share.

Investors who have been with you from the earliest stages, and the founders themselves, begin to exit the project and plan to

  • make mergers and acquisitions deals (M&A),
  • or sell their shares to other investors.

It takes an experienced team to structure and support such deals and we will be there to help you.
IPO is the first public sale of a company's shares to an unlimited number of people on a stock exchange.

It is a very long (up to several years) and expensive process, preceded by a thorough review of financial statements and a determination of the company's capitalization. Startups do not often go this route, but if the flotation is successful, the company can raise millions and even billions of dollars.

It can be difficult to understand which documents a particular startup needs. Our algorithm is highly customized. It will select the necessary documents depending on the needs of your project, and o2startup will prepare them for you.

Nothing extra - only the most important.
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