Algorithm for selecting a customized list of documents

The main tasks of a startup are to quickly test hypotheses, improve your product, grow and raise investment. Legal issues are always inappropriate - either too early or too late.

We suggest you get on with your project, and we will help you sort out all the legal intricacies.

Let our algorithm help you. Between 7 and 17 questions await you below, so that you can select the most accurate documents and assess the possible risks.
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What area is your startup in?
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What stage is your startup at?
Have you already registered with the state? What is your legal form of incorporation?
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Tell us about your plans
Are you working in team?
Have you already allocated and formalized roles in the startup?
Do you have employees?
Are you planning to hire employees under an employment contract?
Lets see if you have all the documents you need to hire your employees.
Mark the documents that you have already arranged:
Lets see if you have all the documents you need to process employees personal data legally.
Check the boxes next to the documents that you have already completed:
Does your project already have a website? Maybe you are planning to make one?
Do users fill in information about themselves on your website?
What intellectual property do you have or plan to have?
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Who in your project is involved in creating the product?
How do you use or plan to use your developments?
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Have you protected information about the project?
Lets check whether you are taking all necessary steps to protect information about your project.
In our experience of pre-investment due diligence, most start-ups make mistakes in introducing and complying with trade secrets.
How do you plan to attract investment?
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What legal problems are you most concerned about at the moment?
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